NBA Betting Odds: All You Need To Know

The NBA is one of the world’s most popular sports. The likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant have become household names, as well as many more before them.

2019 marked a landmark year for the league, with the Toronto Raptors cutting loose the stranglehold that the Golden State Warriors have had on the NBA for the past few years, to secure the NBA Championship.

That continues to make It a remarkable sport to bet on and here at Australia Best Bets we’ll always bring you the finest odds across a range of markets.

Below you’ll find some of the more common markets we offer odds on, scouring the web for value odds to go with our top betting tips.


Moneyline is one of the most popular markets when it comes to betting on basketball and is certainly the simplest to understand.

Every online bookmaker will offer the Moneyline market, which essentially backing a team to win.

So, if you wanted to bet on a fixture between the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks, playing the Moneyline market would involve picking a side to win.

In order to receive a payout the team you bet in the Moneyline market would have to win.

Total Or Over/Under

The Total or Over/Under Betting market is all about betting on the number of points scored within a game.

The Total market is a wager you place to bet on the total combined number of points teams score in an over or under format.

So, for example if you were to bet on the Bulls against Knicks again, a bookmaker such as Ladbrokes might offer odds on the Total market of 185. This means that you would either bet on the total to be over or under that number. In order to win, you must have correctly predicted whether the total number of points in the game fell over or under that figure.

For example, if the game between the two teams finished 95-87 and you bet on the Under 185 market, you would win as the total number of points combined is 182. It you had bet Over, your wager would be a losing one.

You’ll find this market with a range of bookies and there will usually be a number of different Totals in which you can bet over or under on, with varying degrees of odds, so do make sure you look out for the best value.


Pointspread is similar to Moneyline but you also have to take into account winning margin as the favourite will essentially be offered a handicap.

This increases the odds and creates a better value market, but that team must overcome that points handicap in order to win.

For example, a bookmaker may offer the pointspread market as follows:

Chicago Bulls (-6): *ODDS*

New York Knicks (+6): *ODDs*

The numbers shown in the brackets will be the handicap given to a team. So, in this case the Bulls have a -6 handicap. What that means is that if you were to bet on them, they would have to win by at least six clear points for you to win the bet.

On the other hand, if you were to bet on the Knicks, they have been given a six point lead by the bookmaker, so if you were to bet on them you’d win as long as they didn’t lose by six or more points.

So, if the Knicks were to lose 88-83 they would still win as the margin the Bulls had won by is just five, which doesn’t overcome that pointspread offered by the bookmaker.

It’s a really good market to play if you want to bet on a favourite but find better value than what the Moneyline market is offering.


Futures is a much broader market than those featured above but is still a worthwhile one to consider, as you can find some great profits in many of them.

Futures markets are often referred to as outright betting markets in many other sports such as soccer and cricket, and usually involve betting on the overall winner of a league or tournament.

In the case of the NBA this will include markets such as:

  • NBA Championship Winner
  • NBA Eastern Conference Winner
  • NBA Western Conference Winner
  • NBA Regular Season Scoring Title
  • NBA Regular Season Highest Points Average
  • NBA Regular Season Highest Rebounds Average
  • NBA Regular Season Highest Blocks Average
  • NBA Regular Season Highest Assists Average
  • NBA Regular Season Most Three Pointers Made

And many more, with the majority offered by a wide range of bookies.

For all the best bookmakers to play with, head to our online bookmakers page where you’ll find full, in-depth reviews including the best offers to combine with your NBA bets.