Why You'll Love Ladbrokes Live Betting Feature

QuickCall is Ladbrokes' new live betting feature that makes punting on live events as easy as 1,2,3!

Ladbrokes love making betting as laid-back as possible for punters and their latest product is another example of the bookmaker’s cutting edge customer service! They’ve just gone and made live betting a whole lot easier thanks to their new QuickCall feature!

What is Quick Call?

Online betting regulations means punters can only place live bets by phoning a bookmaker, speaking to an operator on the other end and have them place your bet for you. That was until Ladbrokes came up with QuickCall. With QuickCall all you need to do is enable your microphone on the device you’re using and click a couple of buttons! But don’t worry Ladbrokes don’t record audio from your end, so if you’re skyping your girlfriend and telling her you love her, or listening to Katie Perry while you placing a bet…. Nobody will ever know!

Quick Call 1

Live betting with Ladbrokes QuickCall

With your microphone enabled betting live with Ladbrokes is very similar to placing a normal wager. First head to their live betting page, and locate the market you wish to wager on. Once you made your selection, simply click on the odds and then the QuickCall Pop Up! Once you’ve done this a phone call using a synthetic voice will be made and the details of your bet will be read out; i.e. the odds, what your bet is and the amount etc. Then simply click “Confirm Bet” and you’ve placed a live bet using QuickCall. It really is as simple as that!

Quick Call Work

Ladbrokes Live Betting Limits

Having now made live betting extremely easy and effortless; Ladbrokes are aware this may result in punters placing more live wagers than they usually would. That’s why the bookmaker has included a ‘Live Betting Pre-Commitment Bet Limit’ option available for their QuickCall feature. This allows clients to set a bet limit per live betting event. Ladbrokes members can head to the QuickCall Configuration within their account page to set such limits.

Once you’ve experienced QuickCall you’ll look back on live betting via the telephone like the prehistoric past. Sign up with Ladbrokes and you won’t want to wager on live events any other way!